Cloth Pads // 1 Day // May 5th

Join us for this quick, one-day workshop where we'll teach you the tricks to making effective reusable menstrual pads. Make up to 3 pads in lengths and absorbency levels of your choice. This workshop will cover the variety of fabrics that can be used for each of the three layers integral to pad construction (outer layers, core layer and waterproof layer) and how those choices affect absorbency, comfort, & sensitivity, along with environmental considerations for each option. 

Still not sure? Here are a few reasons we love reusable cloth pads. 

1) They cut down on waste (duh).

2) Everyone is different. You can create a "collection" of pads tailored to your specific needs that store-bought pads will never be able to provide. Create multiple sizes and levels of absorbency to get you through the month. 

3) They're a perfect scrap buster project that make great gifts for the period-having people in your life.

4) You have control of what touches your body. No more toxins and chemicals. 

5) They're fun to make! 


You have the option of including enough materials to make three pads in the price of your workshop for $15 or of bringing your own materials. Materials we will provide will be snaps, thread, unbleached cotton for the top & bottom layers, 1 mil ECO-PUL for the waterproof layer and Organic Cotton Zorb for the core layer. 

Pattern Options:

The Staple Pad by Versodile: 12 length options from 7 in to 18 in and two width options (narrow and regular). Absorption level can be tailored (light to heavy) based on choice of materials. You will need to purchase this pattern ($5).

Skills learned:

  • Understanding how fabric choices affect absorbency and comfort. 
  • Sewing padded layers with curves. Topstitching.
  • Inserting snaps and velcro

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner and above. You MUST already feel comfortable threading and using a sewing machine. If you are new to sewing, please check out our Sewing 101 course first!

1 day; 3 workshop hours

Class size is limited. For information relating to class policies, please click here. 

Section 1: Sunday, May 5th from 10am-1pm 

  • $65.00