• Sewing Knits: Leggings // 1 Day // May 9
  • Sewing Knits: Leggings // 1 Day // May 9
  • Sewing Knits: Leggings // 1 Day // May 9

Sewing Knits: Leggings // 1 Day // May 9

Learn to sew with knits! Stretchy fabrics make up a large portion of our daily wardrobe from loungewear to activewear, so why not learn to sew with them? We lead you through the basics so you understand the characteristics of knit fabrics and how to tame them.

Workshop project: Participants will create a pair of women's leggings: the Avery Leggings by Helen's Closet.

Skills learned:

  • Knits vs. wovens, different types of knits, and when to use each
  • Cutting the most efficient and accurate way
  • Sewing with knits on a regular sewing machine or a serger
  • Sewing a gusset
  • Attaching elastic
  • Sewing a waistband
  • Topstitching and hemming

Pattern Description (from the designer's site): "The Avery Leggings are the ultimate leg layer. They are simple to sew while still featuring unique details that make them special. The Avery leggings have no outer leg seam, so you have a nice smooth leg for layering. They have a crotch gusset for improved range of motion that also reduces bulky seams. Each view features a waistband and waistband facing with a fully enclosed and stabilized elastic, ensuring your leggings won’t fall down. Try view A for a classic look or view B for an ultra-high waist."

Make them in activewear fabric to wear to the gym, soft cotton jersey to wear around the house, or a snazzy print to wear as a fashion statement.

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner to Intermediate. You MUST already feel comfortable threading and using a sewing machine, but may be new to sewing garments. If you are a novice sewer, please check out our Sewing 101 course first!

Pattern and materials are not included. You will be expected to print/assemble the pattern before class. An instructor will reach out to you with the supply list and other instructions ahead of time. 

1 Day; 6 workshop hours. There will be a break halfway through.

Section 1 (1912 South St): Saturday May 9, 12-6pm

  • $135.00