• Sewing 101 Makeup (Final 2 Classes)

Sewing 101 Makeup (Final 2 Classes)

This listing is specifically for Sewing 101 students whose four-week course was interrupted halfway through due to the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020. We are offering a couple dates options for you to make up your final two classes of the course. 

Please note that we have two studio locations. Pay attention to which one you sign up for in case you'd prefer to stay where your materials are currently. If you choose to switch locations, let us know so we can arrange for you to pick up your materials ahead of time.

These classes are first come first serve. We are capping all classes at 6 students for the foreseeable future to help maintain physical distancing as much as is reasonable.

If you cannot make these dates or prefer to wait for any reason, please contact us.

Option 1 (1912 South St): 2 Mondays Aug 17 & 24, 6-9pm

Option 2 (800 S 8th St): 2 Wednesdays Aug 19 & Aug 26, 6-9pm

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