Private Lessons

Please register for your private lesson by scrolling below and clicking on the appropriate length of lesson as scheduled with your instructor. If you are requesting your first lesson, please choose "2 Hour Lesson" and forward your receipt to to be connected to an instructor. Be sure to review all of our lesson policies before making your payment. Thank you!

Private Lesson Policies

These policies are in place out of respect for our instructors' time and enable us to most efficiently operate a small business and accommodate all students.

1. For first time private lesson students: To be connected with a private lesson instructor via email or phone, you must first purchase a 2 Hour Lesson at the link below and forward the receipt of your lesson to If your instructor cannot accommodate you at a time that works for both of you or cannot accommodate the type of lesson you are seeking, your payment will immediately be refunded. If your instructor IS able to accommodate your lesson, your payment will be put directly toward your first 2 hour lesson. 

2. Your full payment must be made in order to reserve the time slot you have requested with your instructor. Lessons are not reserved until payment is received. Payments must be made at least 24 hours in advance of a lesson. 


3. If you need to cancel or reschedule, you must give AT LEAST 48 hours notice. If you cancel within 48 hours of your lesson start time, you will lose your registration fee. Please understand that we reserve those hours for your private lesson and make arrangements to be at the studio just for that lesson. Last-minute cancellations and no-shows make it impossible to reschedule that time with other students and become unpaid time taken away from the instructor.

4. Your payment covers the originally scheduled lesson time slot. If you arrive late, the lesson will still end at the original end time. For example, if your lesson is scheduled for 6-8pm and you arrive at 6:20, the lesson will still end at 8pm. If you happen to arrive early (i.e. 5:40pm instead of 6pm) and the instructor is able to accomodate an early start time, the lesson will end two hours from the time of commencement (i.e. 7:40pm instead of 8pm).

5. If the instructor cancels your lesson or the studio is closed due to severe weather, you will not be charged for that lesson. You may reschedule your lesson for no additional fee, or you may receive a full refund.

6. Just as with our group classes, we provide machines and general sewing supplies. You are responsible for providing fabric, patterns and other project-specific materials. An instructor can help you determine what supplies you need to purchase ahead of time, if necessary.

7. If your instructor agrees to spend extra time doing prep work, conducting research for specific projects, or purchasing a pattern or other materials for your convenience, we will charge you appropriately via electronic invoice for this additional time.