Virtual Fabric Printing Workshop

Happy Mother's Day and welcome to our Virtual Fabric Printing Workshop! We hope you're excited to create this special project.

You should have received a kit in the mail with everything you need, including towels, brayer, block, carving tools, ink and more along with design templates. Your instructional video (48 min) is below, with time stamps written out for each step so you can navigate your way through the lesson more easily. You can play, pause, skip, and rewind as much as you need.


To get started at home, you will need scissors (or exacto blade/utility knife), a pencil, an iron and a plate or tray to roll your ink. See the video intro for details.

You can download the JPG image of our stamp designs to reprint here: 

Transfer Sheet 1 & Transfer Sheet 2


Ready to sew-cialize? To watch this video along with your guests at the same time, we suggest that you join a video call together on Zoom, Google Hangouts or other platform of your choice. One of you can screen-share the video so everyone can move at the same pace and still chat with each other. On Zoom, the person playing the video can click "Share Computer Sound" so everyone can hear the audio more clearly.

Happy printing!



  1. Introduction and supplies: 0:00
  2. Designing and transferring your stamp: 8:47
  3. Stamping: 23:17
  4. Printing: 35:39
  5. Cleaning your tools: 44:50
  6. Heat setting your fabric : 46:16
Stay in touch! Post your in-progress or finished project and tag us @butcherssewshop on Facebook and Instagram