• Potholder // 1 Day // December 18
  • Potholder // 1 Day // December 18

Potholder // 1 Day // December 18

This workshop is part of our gift-making series. Join us for this quick, 3-hour workshop where we'll teach you the tricks to making simple potholders. They are perfect for making use of pre-quilted cotton or busting scraps. Once you've made one, you can make batches of them to gift to family and friends around the holidays!

Pattern Options:

The Best Free Potholder Pattern by Closet Core - this pattern is free to Closet Core email subscribers!

Skills learned:

  • Sewing padded layers with curves. Topstitching.
  • Sewing binding

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner and above. You MUST already feel comfortable threading and using a sewing machine. If you are new to sewing, please check out our Sewing 101 course first!

1 day; 3 workshop hours

Section 1 (SOLD OUT): Monday, December 18th from 6-9pm 

Photos courtesy of Closet Core.